Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

Page 152

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: allows you to configure the following:

Resolution: allows you to set the image size to 320X240 or 176X144.

White balance: allows you to select a setting to match conditions, from Auto, Daylight,
Incandescent, Fluorescent, or Cloudy.

Effects: allows you to apply special effects to the photo. Choose from None, Black and white,
Sepia, Negative, or Watercolor.

Video quality: allows you to set the video quality to Superfine, Fine, or Normal.


: allows you to configure the following:

Guidelines: allows you to enable or disable an on-screen grid to aid in composition.

Review: allows you to choose the length of time videos are displayed for review after capture.
Choose On to display until you choose an action, 5 seconds to display for 5 seconds, or Off to
disable reviews.

Audio recording: allows you to choose whether sound is recorded along with videos.

Storage: allows you to choose the default storage location for new videos, Phone or Memory

Reset settings: allows you to reset camcorder settings to the default settings.

Back: allows you to return to the previous screen.

Brightness: allows you to increase or decrease the brightness levels.

Default Destination: allows you to choose the default destination for sending new videos. Choose from
Recent recipients, Phonebook, New number, New E-mail, or Online album.

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