Music player, My account, Photos – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Music Player

When you first view the Music Player application, the Music library screen displays the following:

Current playlist

All tracks




Recently played

From this screen you can play your music files.

From the Home screen, press Menu > Music player.

For more information, refer to “Music Player” on page 111.

My Account

This option takes you to T-Mobile Help and provides categories such as Top Questions,
Troubleshooting, My Account, More Help, System Information and Help Settings.

From the Home screen, open the Widget tray and tap My Account.


In this menu, you can view the list of photos downloaded from the web server, received in
messages, or taken by the camera.

From the Home screen, open the Widget tray and touch Photo.

For more information, refer to “Photos” on page 120.


The Search application provides a single search tool to find information on your device, including
Contacts, Calls, Video, Image or Music files, Scheduled events, Messages, or Applications.


From the Home screen, open the Widget tray and tap the Search Widget.


Type the information you are looking for in the search field and touch Done.

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