Using the voice recorder – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Applications 130

• Send via: allows you to send this video via Message, Email, Exchange email, or to a Bluetooth enabled device.

• More:

Delete: allows you to delete the selected memo.

Print via Bluetooth: allows you to print the memo on a Bluetooth enabled printer.

Memory status: you can check the number of memo composed and based on the amount of memory those memo used, the total
number of available memo.

• Back: displays the previous menu or screen.

Using the Voice Recorder

The Voice Recorder allows you to record an audio file up to one minute long and then immediately send it as
a message.

When you access this menu, a timer displays on the screen.


From the Home screen, press

then touch Applications

Voice recorder.

The recorder displays and begins recording.


Touch the Stop (save recording) button.

Note: The message automatically saves to the Voice list.


Touch More

Send via

Message to send this recording as a message.

Touch here to
stop recording

Touch here to
save the recording

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