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The stitch length dial controls the length of

stitches. The numbers around the edge of the

dial express stitch length in mm; the lower the
number, the shorter the stitch. Generally, short­
er stitches are best for lightweight fabric;

longer stitches for heavy fabric.

The area between 0 and 1 on the dial, is used
for the adjustment of zig-zag satin stitching, a
series of closely spaced plain zig-zag stitches
that form a smooth, satin-like surface.

0-1 1

Setting the Dial

m Turn dial so that stitch length desired is

positioned under ▼ symbol.

« To shorten stitch length, turn dial toward

right to a lower number.

• To lengthen stitch length, turn dial toward

left to a higher number.


For reverse stitching, depress push button
located In centre of dial, hold in until reverse
stitching is completed, then release push but­

ton. Push button can be depressed while ma­

chine is sewing.

NOTE: Reverse stitching cannot be done when
using a stretch stitch pattern.


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