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Kiilte latch)

# Stitch Balance Dial: Neutral position


Buttonhole Foot

Always make a test buttonhole on a sample in
your fabric. Be sure to duplicate thickness of
garment and include interfacing.

If the two lines of stitching in your sample are

of unequal density refer to the next page.
Place work under buttonhole foot, align centre

marking of buttonhole A with red line on foot,

and align end marking of buttohole B with
horizontal line on foot. Do not lower the


Step 1: Bar Tack

Turn buttonhole dial clockwise to step 1. Posi­
tion needle in fabric at point A. Lower the foot

and stitch the first bar tack taking at least four
stitches ending at point B.

Step 2: Side Stiching

Raise needle above fabric by turning hand

when toward you.
Turn buttonhole dial clockwise to step 2. Stitch
to the end of buttonhole at point C.


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