Coil heating control, Requirement, Short intermittent operation preventive control – Toshiba CARRIER RAV-SP300AT2-UL User Manual

Page 35: Current release control

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4. Coil heating control

1) This control function heats the compressor by turning on the stopped compressor instead of a case

heater. It purposes to prevent stagnation of the refrigerant inside of the compressor.

2) As usual, turn on power of the compressor for the specified time before a test run after installation;

otherwise a trouble of the compressor may be caused.
As same as a test run, it is recommended to turn on power of the compressor beforehand when starting

operation after power of the compressor has been interrupted and left as it is for a long time.

3) Using TD sensor and TE sensor, RAV-SP180AT2-UL judges the power-on.
4) The power is turned off when TD is 86°F (30°C) or more.


In some cases, the sound of power-ON may be heard.

It is not abnormal.


While heating the coil, the power sound may be heard. However it is not a trouble.

5. Short intermittent operation preventive control

1) For 3 to 10 minutes after operation start, in some cases, the compressor does not stop to protect the

compressor even if receiving the THERMO OFF signal from indoor.
However it is not abnormal status. (The operation continuance differs according to the operation status.)

2) When the operation stops by the remote controller, the operation does not continue.

6. Current release control

No. of revolutions of the compressor is controlled by AC current value detected by the outdoor P.C. board so

that the input current of the inverter does not exceed the specified value.

Continuous power-ON
Output [10W or equivalent]

Continuous power-ON
Output [20W or equivalent]

No power

(Normal time)

TE [˚C]

30.2 (–1)

21.2 (–6)

19.4 (–7)

32.0 ( 0)

• Power-ON condition TD < 86˚F (30˚C)



Current [A]

Normal operation

Frequency down





1 value [A]