Warning, Caution – Toshiba CARRIER RAV-SP300AT2-UL User Manual

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After the work has finished, be sure to use an insulation tester set (500V Megger) to

check the resistance is 2MΩ or more between the charge section and the non-charge

metal section (Earth position).
If the resistance value is low, a disaster such as a leak or electric shock is caused at user’s


When the refrigerant gas leaks during work, execute ventilation.
If the refrigerant gas touches to a fire, poisonous gas generates.

A case of leakage of the refrigerant and the closed room full with gas is dangerous because

a shortage of oxygen occurs. Be sure to execute ventilation.

When checking the circuit inevitably under condition of the power-ON, use rubber

gloves and others not to touch to the charging section.
If touching to the charging section, an electric shock may be caused.

When the refrigerant gas leaks, find up the leaked position and repair it surely.
If the leaked position cannot be found up and the repair work is interrupted, pump-down

and tighten the service valve, otherwise the refrigerant gas may leak into the room.

The poisonous gas generates when gas touches to fire such as fan heater, stove or cocking

stove though the refrigerant gas itself is innocuous.
When installing equipment which includes a large amount of charged refrigerant

such as a multi air conditioner in a sub-room, it is necessary that the density does

not the limit even if the refrigerant leaks.
If the refrigerant leaks and exceeds the limit density, an accident of shortage of oxygen is

For the installation/moving/reinstallation work, follow to the Installation Manual.
If an incorrect installation is done, a trouble of the refrigerating cycle, water leak, electric

shock or fire is caused.

After repair work has finished, check there is no trouble.
If check is not executed, a fire, electric shock or injury may be caused.

For a check, turn off the power breaker.

After repair work (installation of front panel and cabinet) has finished, execute a test

run to check there is no generation of smoke or abnormal sound.
If check is not executed, a fire or an electric shock is caused.

Before test run, install the front panel and cabinet.

Check the following items after reinstallation.

1) The earth wire is correctly connected.
2) The power cord is not caught in the product.
3) There is no inclination or unsteadiness and the installation is stable.

If check is not executed, a fire, an electric shock or an injury is caused.

Insulator check


Be attentive to

electric shock


Check after repair

Check after reinstallation


Put on gloves

Cooling check

Be sure to put on the gloves () and a long sleeved shirt:

otherwise an injury may be caused with the parts, etc.

(∗) Heavy gloves such as work gloves

When the power was turned on, start to work after the equipment has been

sufficiently cooled.
As temperature of the compressor pipes and others became high due to cooling/heating

operation, a burn may be caused.