Toshiba CARRIER RAV-SP300AT2-UL User Manual

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<Wireless remote controller type>

1. Before troubleshooting

1) Required tools/instruments



screwdrivers, spanners, radio cutting pliers, nippers, etc.

• Tester, thermometer, pressure gauge, etc.

2) Confirmation points before check

a) The following operations are normal.

1. Compressor does not operate.

• Is not 3-minutes delay (3 minutes after compressor OFF)?
• Is not the outdoor unit in standby status though the remote controller reached the setup


• Does not timer operate during fan operation?
• Is not an overflow error detected on the indoor unit?
• Is not outside high-temperature operation controlled in heating operation?

2. Indoor fan does not rotate.

• Does not cool air discharge preventive control work in heating operation?

3. Outdoor fan does not rotate or air volume changes.

• Does not high-temperature release operation control work in heating operation?
• Does not outside low-temperature operation control work in cooling operation?
• Is not defrost operation performed?

4. ON/OFF operation cannot be performed from remote controller.

• Is not forced operation performed?
• Is not the control operation performed from outside/remote side?
• Is not automatic address being set up?
• Is not being carried out a test run by operation of the outdoor controller?

b) Did you return the cabling to the initial positions?
c) Are connecting cables between indoor unit and receiving unit correct?

2. Troubleshooting procedure

(When the power is turned on at the first time or when indoor unit address setting is changed, the operation

cannot be performed for maximum approx. 5 minutes after power-ON.)
When a trouble occurred, check the parts along with the following procedure.

1) Outline of judgment

The primary judgment to check where a trouble occurred in indoor unit or outdoor unit is performed with

the following method.

Method to judge the erroneous position by flashing indication on the display part of indoor unit

(sensors of the receiving unit)

The indoor unit monitors operating status of the air conditioner, and the blocked contents of

self-diagnosis are displayed restricted to the following cases if a protective circuit works.


Confirmation of lamp display
(When 4-way air discharge cassette type
wireless remote controller is connected)

Check defective
position and parts.