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Never forget to put on the gloves at working

time, otherwise an injury will be caused by the

parts, etc.

1. Detachment

1) Stop operation of the air conditioner, and turn

off the main switch of the breaker for air


2) Remove the valve cover. (M4, 8 mm, 3 pcs.)

• After removing screw, remove the valve

cover pulling it downward.

3) Remove connecting cable.
4) Remove the conduit mounting plate by taking

off 2 screws. (M4, 8 mm, 2 pcs.)

5) Remove the upper cabinet.

(M4, 8 mm, 5 pcs.)
• After taking off screws, remove the upper

cabinet pulling it upward.

6) Remove the waterproof cover.

2. Attachment

1) Attach the waterproof cover.


Be sure to attach a waterproof cover.

If it is not attached, there is a possibility that

water enters inside of the outdoor unit.

2) Attach the upper cabinet. (M4, 8 mm, 5 pcs.)
3) Attach the conduit mounting plate.

(M4, 8 mm, 2 pcs.)

4) Perform cabling of connecting cables.
5) Attach the valve cover. (M4, 8 mm, 3 pcs.)

• Insert the upper part of the upper cabinet,

set hooking claw of the valve cover to the

slit (at three positions) of the main body,

and then attach it pushing upward.



11-1. Outdoor Unit

11-1-1. RAV-SP180AT2-UL

Valve cover

Valve cover

Upper cabinet

Upper cabinet

Waterproof cover

Waterproof cover

Connecting cover

Connecting cover

Conduit mounting plate

Conduit mounting plate

Valve cover

Upper cabinet

Waterproof cover

Connecting cover

Conduit mounting plate