Warning – Toshiba CARRIER RAV-SP300AT2-UL User Manual

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Check earth wires.

Prohibition of modification.

Use specified parts.

Do not bring a child

close to the equipment.

Insulating measures

No fire



Before troubleshooting or repair work, check the earth wire is connected to the earth

terminals of the main unit, otherwise an electric shock is caused when a leak occurs.
If the earth wire is not correctly connected, contact an electric engineer for rework.

Do not modify the products.
Do not also disassemble or modify the parts. It may cause a fire, electric shock or injury.

For spare parts, use those specified (∗∗∗∗∗).
If unspecified parts are used, a fire or electric shock may be caused.

∗: For details, refer to the parts list.

Before troubleshooting or repair work, do not bring a third party (a child, etc.) except

the repair engineers close to the equipment.
It causes an injury with tools or disassembled parts.
Please inform the users so that the third party (a child, etc.) does not approach the equipment.

Connect the cut-off lead wires with crimp contact, etc, put the closed end side

upward and then apply a water-cut method, otherwise a leak or production of fire is

caused at the users’ side.

When repairing the refrigerating cycle, take the following measures.

1) Be attentive to fire around the cycle. When using a gas stove, etc, be sure to put out fire

before work; otherwise the oil mixed with refrigerant gas may catch fire.

2) Do not use a welder in the closed room.

When using it without ventilation, carbon monoxide poisoning may be caused.

3) Do not bring inflammables close to the refrigerant cycle, otherwise fire of the welder may

catch the inflammables.

Check the used refrigerant name and use tools and materials of the parts which

match with it.
For the products which use R410A refrigerant, the refrigerant name is indicated at a

position on the outdoor unit where is easy to see. To prevent miss-charging, the route of the

service port is changed from one of the former R22.
For an air conditioner which uses R410A, never use other refrigerant than R410A.

For an air conditioner which uses other refrigerant (R22, etc.), never use R410A.
If different types of refrigerant are mixed, abnormal high pressure generates in the

refrigerating cycle and an injury due to breakage may be caused.
Do not charge refrigerant additionally.
If charging refrigerant additionally when refrigerant gas leaks, the refrigerant composition in

the refrigerating cycle changes resulted in change of air conditioner characteristics or

refrigerant over the specified standard amount is charged and an abnormal high pressure is

applied to the inside of the refrigerating cycle resulted in cause of breakage or injury.

Therefore if the refrigerant gas leaks, recover the refrigerant in the air conditioner, execute

vacuuming, and then newly recharge the specified amount of liquid refrigerant.

In this time, never charge the refrigerant over the specified amount.
When recharging the refrigerant in the refrigerating cycle, do not mix the refrigerant

or air other than R410A into the specified refrigerant.
If air or others is mixed with the refrigerant, abnormal high pressure generates in the

refrigerating cycle resulted in cause of injury due to breakage.
After installation work, check the refrigerant gas does not leak.
If the refrigerant gas leaks in the room, poisonous gas generates when gas touches to fire

such as fan heater, stove or cocking stove though the refrigerant gas itself is innocuous.
Never recover the refrigerant into the outdoor unit.
When the equipment is moved or repaired, be sure to recover the refrigerant with

recovering device. The refrigerant cannot be recovered in the outdoor unit; otherwise a

serious accident such as breakage or injury is caused.

After repair work, surely assemble the disassembled parts, and connect and lead the

removed wires as before. Perform the work so that the cabinet or panel does not

catch the inner wires.
If incorrect assembly or incorrect wire connection was done, a disaster such as a leak or

fire is caused at user’s side.