IKA Topolino mobil User Manual

Page 11

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batteries is not exceeded

• Follow the safety instructions, guidelines, occupational

health and safety and accident prevention regulations.

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m!! Effects of the magnetic field

have to be taken into account (e.g. data storage media,
cardiac pacemakers...).

• Wear your personal protective equipment in accordance

with the hazard category of the media to be processed.
Otherwise there is a risk from:
- splashing and evaporation of liquids
- Escape of toxic or inflammable gases

• The appliance is not suitable for manual operation.
• Set up the appliance in a spacious area on an even,

stable, clean, non-slip, dry and fireproof surface.

• The feet of the appliance must be clean and


• Position the knob at the left stop before starting up.

Gradually increase the speed. Reduce the speed if
- the medium splashes out of the vessel because the

speed is too high

- the appliance is not running smoothly
- the container moves on the base plate.

• Check the appliance and accessories beforehand for


• Do not used damaged components. Only replace

damaged parts with spare parts identical to the original
in function and quality.

• Beware of and avoid hazards due to

- flammable materials
- glass breakage
- incorrect container size
- overfilling of media

- unsafe condition of container or of the complete


• Only process media that will not react dangerously to

the extra energy produced through processing. This also
applies to any energy produced in other ways,
e.g. through light irradiation.

• It may be possible for wear debris from rotating acces-

sory parts to reach the material being processed.

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ott operate the appliance in explosive atmospheres,

with hazardous substances or under water.

• The appliance must only be disconnected from the

mains supply by pulling out the plug-in power supply

• Safe operation is only guarnateed with the accessories

described in the “Accessories” chapter.

• The centre of gravity of the assembly must lie within the

the surface on which it is set up.

• The device will automatically restart following any inter-

ruption to the power supply.

• The appliance may heat up when in use.
• The voltage stated on the type plate must correspond

to the mains voltage.

• Protect the appliance and accessories from bumps and


• The appliance and the power supply unit are mainten-

ance-free and must not be opened.

• Dispose of old batteries and defective appliances

in accordance with the statutory regulations.