IKA Topolino mobil User Manual

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The duration of this charging cycle depends on the dis
charge state and capacity of the battery and can be up to
30 minutes. In this state the appliance can already be used
independently of a mains power supply.
Charging of the batteries during the cycle:

approx. 80 - 100%.

• Step 3: Trickle charge - red charge indicator not lit

The batteries are completely charged, the charge is main-
tained. The appliance can be used independently of a
mains power supply. Charging of the batteries during the

cycle: approx. 100%.
This cycle starts after every disconnection from the mains
power supply!





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ess:: New, uncharged batteries have only

a precharge and must be charged for at least 4 hours
before using the appliance for the first time. In order
to achieve the maximum capacity, the first charge cycle
of the batteries should not be interrupted!

Batteries become warm during charging; this is a normal
phenomenon and is not dangerous. Batteries are subject to
self-discharging. If the appliance is seldom used, the bat-
teries should nevertheless be charged roughly 1x per month
to prevent a deep discharge.

Do not leave the batteries or the appliance unused or un-
charged for prolonged periods. If batteries are not used for
longer than a few months, the may become unserviceable
and have to be replaced. If the appliance is not to be used
for a prolonged period, remove the batteries and store them
in a dry place at normal room temperature.

Deep discharging of the batteries should always be avoided
as this negatively affects the service life of the batteries. If
the speed of the appliance drops noticeably, the batteries
should be recharged.

Batteries are wear parts and are subject to ageing during
normal use. A reduction in the capacity and hence in the
useful operating time during the course of time is normal
and not a fault. The warranty granted on the appliance there-
fore does not apply to the batteries. In order to maintain the
full running time of the appliance, batteries should be re-
placed after approx. 500 - 600 charge cycles or 2 years.

The appliance can be operated with rapid-charging NiCad

or NiMh AA batteries with capacities from 1000 mAh to
2700 mAh, but always only with four identical batteries at
the same time. NiMH batteries are to be recommended due
to their higher capacity. The charging and operating times
shown are indicative values and related to the batteries sup-
plied with the appliance.

The appliance can be operated permanently with the AC
adapter or with batteries independently of a mains power
supply. If the appliance is operated with an AC adapter, the
batteries automatically take over the power supply in the
event of a mains power failure. During battery operation, the
operating time independently of a mains power supply de-
pends on the condition of the batteries. If all the batteries
are intact and fully charged, operating times of > 8 hours are
achieved with the batteries supplied with the appliance.