Area counter/speedometer mode -13, Programming - clearing total area -13, 13 kpm ii monitor operation – Kinze 3200 Wing-Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3200




KPM II Monitor Operation

NOTE: If a discrepancy occurs and digits must be changed, follow STEPS 1 and 2 to enter the programming mode and proceed as follows:

•Press the OK key and the flashing arrow becomes solid. The least significant digit of the displayed value will be blinking.

•This value can be changed by pressing UP or DOWN arrow keys.

•Once digit is correct, press the SELECT key and the blinking digit moves to the next significant digit, where the process can be repeated.

Pulses per mile or kilometer are limited to a range from 500 PPM (310 PPKM) to 500,000 PPM (310,686 PPKM).

KEy Action

Flashing Digit

Display Value

Press The UP Key

Right Most Digit


1, 2032, 2033

Press The SELECT Key

Second Digit From Right



Press The DOWN Key

Second Digit From Right


23, 2013, 2003,


93, 2083

Press The SELECT Key Twice

Left Most Digit


Press The DOWN Key

Left Most Digit

1083, 0500 (Min.


9500, 8500


NOTE: Clearing the total area counter will also clear the field

area counter.

STEP 1 To enter the programming mode, press and hold

the SETUP key. The monitor will emit several short

beeps followed by a long beep. On the lower LCD,

the SETUP icon turns on and the arrow head icon

will flash, indicating that the user can select an item

to program.

NOTE: Monitor must be in a programmable function (row

spacing, units, speed, volume or area) to enter setup. The

monitor will not enter setup in seed population or seed


STEP 2 Press tUP or DOWN arrow keys to move flashing

arrow to TOTAL AREA. As the arrow icon moves, the

lower LCD will display the current setting of the item


STEP 3 Press the OK key and flashing arrow becomes solid

and audible alarm sounds.

•The lower LCD will display the total area and the

ACRE (or Ha) icon turns on.

•With the flashing arrow on TOTAL AREA, press the

OK key.

•To reset counter, press the UP and DOWN arrow

keys at the same time and hold them down for a short

period of time to clear the data. The CLEAR? icon will

be displayed and the monitor will beep several times.

When the data is actually cleared, the monitor will

emit a long beep, and the total area is reset to zeros.

After the long beep, the previous recorded total area

is not retrievable. Once cleared, the user

may not

choose to exit programming mode without saving as

described in STEP 4.

STEP 4 To exit and save, press and hold the OK key. The

monitor emits several short beeps and SAVE? icon is

turned on. After a short time a long beep is heard, and

the lower LCD will display the word “DONE”. Release

the OK key. If the OK key is released BEFORE the

word “DONE” is displayed, the changes WILL NOT

BE SAVED. The word “DONE” MUST be displayed in

order for the save to have occurred.

NOTE: Programming mode may be exited at any tim by

pressing the SETUP key. Pressing this key returns the

monitor to its normal operation. All items changed and

saved come into effect immediately. Any items changed, but

not saved revert to original programmed value.


If the monitor is installed with only a radar distance sensor (no

seed tubes attached), the monitor becomes a speedometer. If (a)

the monitor is connected to a radar distance sensor, (b) signal

cable from back of console is connected to a sensing switch

(Part No. G1K249 Acre Counter Switch Kit) instead of seed tubes

and (c) implement width in feet (or meters) is programmed into

monitor, monitor functions as an area counter.

Seed spacing and seed population functions are not available

in this mode. If the monitor is powered down, the seed tubes

connected and the monitor powered up, the monitor again shows

seed population and seed spacing in inches or centimeters. Row

spacing reverts back to its programmed setting.