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Model 3200




KPM I Monitor Operation

NOTE: If all rows show a seed rate of zero, the condition will not generate an alarm. It is assumed the planter has stopped. Row

numbers and the bottom 60% segment remains on for all selected rows.

3. Multiple Alarms - If more than one alarm condition occurs at the same time, pushing the OK key acknowledges all alarms currently

displayed. For example, if one row on front and one row on rear are alarming, pushing OK key only acknowledges one of them. However,

if there are two alarms on front, both alarms would be acknowledged with one push of OK key.

4. Section Not Selected Warning - If monitor was programmed for two sections and only one is currently selected for display (by pressing

SELECT key), icon of disabled section will flash for a period of 1 minute, then turn off at each power up. If seed flow is sensed in disabled

section, icon for that section (front, left or right) will begin to flash.

5. Seed Planting Stopped Warning - When monitor detects no seed flow on all rows, monitor will emit 3 short beeps to alert user. This

warning will occur each time planter is stopped, each time planter is raised at end of a row or if mechanical drive fails while planting.

NOTE: This warning will not trigger unless a minimum time of continuous planting has passed.

6. Seed Counting Sensor In Calibration Warning - All seed counting sensors run a self-calibration sequence on power up. While in

calibration the bottom segment of each corresponding bargraph will flash if the monitor detects movement or planting activity. If monitor

does not detect this, the message “WAIT CALIBRATION” will be scrolled.

7. Seed Counting Sensor Too Dirty Warning - After seed counting sensors end their internal self-calibration, monitor may detect one

or more sensors are either too dirty or blocked. If monitor detects planting or movement, the corresponding bargraph remains flashing.

The monitor will display “CLEAN SENSORS” on LCD if no movement or planting is detected, prompting the user to clean tubes. If tubes

are dirty, they will still show seed flow with less accuracy. If tubes are blocked user will get an alarm as soon as planting starts. The

corresponding bargraph will remain flashing until problem is corrected and monitor is powered down and then powered back up.

8. Low battery Warning - Monitor is constantly monitoring its input voltage to quickly detect low power conditions. If monitor detects that

input voltage has dropped below 11.0V, it will display “LOW POWER” on LCD, provided that the monitor does not detect planting.

NOTE: After alarms are acknowledged and if alarm condition is still present, LCD continues to display alarm condition.


(a) Disconnect faulty sensor and check monitor to be sure correct sensor was disconnected, (b) turn monitor off, (c) after a few seconds, turn

monitor back on and (d) plug in replacement sensor. Monitor will chirp twice to acknowledge new sensor was learned and saved.

To replace more than one faulty sensor, proceed as stated above beginning with lowest numbered row in rear or left section and continue to

replace sensors in increasing order. Then move on to front or right section and continue in ascending row number order.

NOTE: If monitor is not turned off and then on, replacement sensor(s) will be ignored untilnext power on, at which point they will

be randomly learned by the monitor.


Press ON/OFF key to turn monitor on and off.

Information regarding each section is displayed alternately every 5 seconds.

• Press SELECT key once to show REAR section only.

• Press SELECT key a second time to return to each section being displayed alternately every 5 seconds.

• Press SELECT key a third time to show REAR section only again.

• Press SELECT key once to show LEFT section only.

• Press SELECT key a second time to show RIGHT section only.

• Press SELECT key a third time to return to each section being displayed alternately every 5 seconds.

NOTE: SELECT key has no function when only a single section is being used.
Press VOLUME key to increase or decrease volume. See “Changing The Audible Alarm Volume”.

Press the OK key to silence alarms. See “Warnings And Alarms”.