Hydraulic row marker operation, Hydraulic row marker operation -12 – Kinze 3200 Wing-Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3200




Machine Operation

4. Loosen wing lock 1¼" hex nuts and swing wing lock eyebolts

over to release planter wings.

5. Raise planter.

6. Install cylinder lockups on four center section lift cylinders.

7. Place tractor hydraulic control in lowering position and hold until

wing cylinders are fully retracted and wing tires are fully raised.

Wing lock eyebolt


Uncontrolled wing movement can cause death, serious injury, and
damage to property and equipment. Make sure wings are properly
locked in place before moving planter

Wing lock pin locations

8. Fold each wing forward into transport position and lock wings

in place at marker support and hitch with wing safety pins.

All Model 3200 planters are equipped with a dual valve hydraulic system. The dual valve system allows the row
markers to be operated independently of the planter lift cylinders. Each time a marker is raised, the sequencing valve
directs flow to lower the opposite marker.

Both markers can be used at the same time. Lower planter and selected marker. Move tractor control lever to raise
position and immediately return it to lower position. This shifts the marker control valve and remaining marker will be

NOTE: A hand operated selector valve selects row marker or wing fold functions on machines with
hydraulic wing fold option. Remove pressure from hydraulic system before attempting to move
selector handle



Contacting or coming close to power lines or other high energy
sources will cause death or serious injury. Keep away from power
lines or high energy sources at all times.



Row marker can lower at any time and could cause death or serious
injury. Stay away from row markers at all times.