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Model 3200




Safety Precautions

Safety signs and decals are placed on the machine to warn of hazards and provide important operating and maintenance

instructions. Information on these signs are for your personal safety and the safety of those around you. FOLLOW ALL


• Keep signs clean so they can be easily seen. Wash with soap and water or cleaning solution as required.

• Replace safety signs if damaged, painted over, or missing.

• Check reflective decals and SMV sign periodically. Replace if they show any loss of of reflective properties.

• When replacing decals, clean machine surface thoroughly with soap and water or cleaning solution to
remove all dirt and grease.

NOTE: Safety sign and decal locations are shown in the Parts Manual for this machine.

NOTE: Style and locations of SMV sign, reflective decals, and safety/warning lights conform to
ANSI/ASAbE S279.14 JUL 2008 and ANSI/ASAbE S276.6 JAN 2005.


Following are some common hazard warnings associated with this equipment. Pay close attention to all safety,
operating, and maintenance information in this manual and decals applied to your equipment.


Falling equipment can cause death or serious injury. Install all lockup
devices or lower planter to ground before working on equipment.


Explosive separation of rim and tire parts can cause death or serious
injury. Overinflation. rim and tire servicing, improper use of rims and tires,
or worn or improperly maintained tires could result in a tire explosion.


Improperly operating or working on this equipment could result in
death or serious injury. Read and follow all instructions in Operator
Manual before operating or working on this equipment.


All safety/warning lights, reflective decals, and SMV sign must be
in place and visible before transporting machine on public roads or
death, serious injury, and damage to property and equipment may
result. Check federal, state/provincial, and local regulations before
transporting equipment on public roads.


Contacting or coming close to power lines or other high energy
sources will cause death or serious injury. Keep away from power
lines or high energy sources at all times.