Kinze 3200 Wing-Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

Page 168

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Model 3200




Lubrication and Maintenance


Gap between actuator arm and stop on stop collar should be ⅛"(±1/32")
when solenoid is NOT engaged.

Loosen nut on mounting pin and move pin in slot until there is a ⅛"(±1/32")
gap between arm and stop on stop collar. Retighten nut.

Control box is equipped with a circuit breaker. Press red button on circuit breaker to reset. If circuit breaker continues to
trip, see “Point Row Clutch Troubleshooting” in Troubleshooting section.

If control box circuit breaker is not tripped, determine if problem is electrical or mechanical.

Place operation switch in RIGHT or LEFT position. Solenoid plunger will retract causing a clicking sound if it is
operating properly. Touch plunger with a metal object to check if it is electrically magnetized. Check clutch and wiring
harness for power with a test light or volt meter.

NOTE: R.H. clutch operates clockwise and L.H. clutch operates counterclockwise. Clutch parts
such as the wrap spring are side specific. Use correct repair part if a clutch must be repaired.

Point row clutch control box

Point row clutch (single shown)

"(±1/32") gap