Cleaning finger pickup seed meter for storage, Cleaning finger pickup seed meter for storage -12 – Kinze 3200 Wing-Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3200




Lubrication and Maintenance

7. Check indentations on carrier plate for wear before

installing finger holder on carrier plate. Excessive wear
of carrier plate at indentations will cause over planting
especially with small sizes of seed. Inspect carrier plate
annually. Life expectancy should be 250-300 acres per row
of operation under average conditions.

8. Install wave washer and adjusting nut with finger holder

flush against carrier. Tighten adjusting nut to fully compress
wave washer. Back off nut ½ to 2 flats to obtain rolling
torque of 22 to 25 inch pounds.

9. Turn finger holder by hand to make sure it is firmly against

carrier plate, but can be rotated with moderate force.

10. Install cover nut and cotter pin. Reinstall baffle.

Remove four cap screws around edge of housing cover and nut from belt idler mounting bolt. Paddles must be correctly
oriented as shown above If belt is replaced. A diagram molded into drive sprocket shows correct orientation.



Do not over-tighten hardware or components may be damaged.


1. Disassemble meter and blow out any foreign material.

2. Wash ONLY in mild soap and water. Do not use gasoline, kerosene, or any other petroleum based product. Dry

3. Coat lightly with a rust inhibiter.

4. Rotate finger assembly so finger does not touch brush.

5. Reassemble and store in a dry, rodent-free location.

Worn carrier plate

NOTE: Check adjusting nut tightness on each unit after first day of use and periodically thereafter.

Reinstall housing cover. DO NOT TIGHTEN hardware. Wedge a screwdriver between sprocket hub and housing cover
as shown above. Pry cover down until centered on belt housing and tighten hardware. Rotate meter drive shaft and
check idler alignment. Seed belt should “run” centered on idler or with only slight contact with belt housing or cover.

Belt housing cover


Idler mounting bolt

Cap screw

belt idler

Centering belt housing cover