Upper lcd functions -8, Kpm ii monitor operation – Kinze 3200 Wing-Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3200




KPM II Monitor Operation


The monitor collects data on the planting rates from all active rows and calculates an average. This average will determine the 100% mark.

Seed rate for each row is then compared to the average value and the result is displayed on the bargraph.

With only the KPM II Stack-Mode console programmed into the system, the information regarding each section is displayed alternately every

5 seconds. While operating a system with two sections programmed, one or both sections may be selected any time. When only one section

is selected, the monitor calculates the average based on the remaining active rows from that section.

With the SMM console programmed into the system, two sections are viewed at the same time. If the system configuration is for four

sections, the display alternates every 5 seconds between a pair of sections. The select key locks the display on rear sections. The SMM

console shows RIGHT in the left/right configuration, FRONT in the rear/front configuration and FRONT RIGHT/REAR RIGHT in four sections

configuration. The KPM II Stack-Mode console shows LEFT in the left/right configuration, REAR in the rear/front configuration and FRONT

LEFT/REAR LEFT in four sections configuration.


Press SELECT key once to show one section. The flashing icon shows the section that is not selected. The selected section icon

is continuously displayed on the LCD.

ExAMPLE: System is setup to display rear section on KPM II Stack-Mode console and front section on SMM console. Press

SELECT key. The FRONT icon will be flashing and REAR section will be displayed on bargraph. The SMM console is only backlit.

After 1 minute front row icon will stop flashing. Monitor will stay in this REAR only display through power down and power up.

Each time monitor is turned on while in REAR only mode, FRONT icon will flash for 1 minute.

If seed flow is sensed in FRONT section while planting, FRONT icon will resume flashing.

When front section is disabled, the row spacing will automatically double to maintain proper implement width in monitor. A 23 or

24 row 15" configuration changes to a 12 row 30" configuration with a touch of SELECT key.

STEP 2 Press SELECT key again to activate both sections.

For simple applications, where only one section is programmed, display automatically locks on that section. Pressing SELECT key has no


NOTE: When alternating between two sections, the display locks on section containing first recognized alarm until the alarm is

acknowledged by pressing OK key or alarm condition is removed.