Additives, Additives -14, Lubricant application rate – Kinze 3200 Wing-Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3200


Rev. 8/11


Row Unit Operation


Mix one tablespoon of

powdered graphite with seed each

time hoppers are filled. Regular graphite use prolongs life of
the seed meter components, improves seed spacing, and may
reduce buildup of seed treatments.

NOTE: DO NOT apply graphite only in center of hopper. It
will not distribute evenly.

Apply graphite around outer perimeter of hopper.

NOTE: Additional graphite or talc may be required to
retard buildup of seed treatments on meter components.
More frequent cleaning of monitor seed tubes may be
necessary due to use of additional graphite or talc.

Talc seed lubricant may be used instead of or in addition to
graphite to reduce seed treatment buildup on seed disc and
meter components.

1. Coat seed disc and brushes with talc before installing meter.

2. Fill hopper ½ full of seed, add ¼ cup of talc and

mix thoroughly.

3. Finish filling hopper, add another ¼ cup of talc and

mix thoroughly.

4. Adjust rate of talc use as needed so all seeds are coated, while avoiding a buildup of talc in bottom of hopper.

Humid conditions and/or small sized seeds with extra seed treatment may require as much as one cup of talc per
hopper to prevent seed treatment buildup on seed disc and/or brushes.

NOTE: Liquid seed treatments or innoculants may create buildup on the seed disc or brushes. Check
frequently for proper population and/or seed delivery when using any liquid seed treatment.

Completely mix all treatments with seed following manufacturers’ recommendations. Seed treatment dumped on top of seed
after hopper is filled may not mix properly and cause seed bridging, reducing population or stopping meter from planting.

Adding graphite to conventional hopper

Lubricant Application Rate


Conventional Hoppers

1 Tbs./Hopper Fill


Conventional Hoppers



*Sunflowers increase talc amount from ¼ C. to ½ C.