Kinze 3200 Wing-Fold Planter Rev. 7/14 User Manual

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Model 3200

Rev. 6/14


Predelivery/Delivery Checklist


Use the following checklist at time planter is delivered as a reminder of very important information which should be
conveyed to retail customer/end user. Check off each item as it is fully explained.

Check for proper operation of vacuum fan (If Applicable) with tractor to be used with planter.

Life expectancy of this or any other machine is dependent on regular lubrication as directed in the Operator Manual.

All applicable safety precautions.

Along with retail customer/end user, check reflective decals and SMV sign are clearly visible with planter in transport

position and attached to tractor. Check safety/warning lights are in working condition. Tell retail customer/end user
to check federal, state/provincial, and local regulations before towing or transporting on a road or highway.

Give Operator Manual, Parts Manual, and all Instruction Sheets to retail customer/end user and explain all operating


Read warranty to retail customer/end user.

Complete Warranty and Delivery Report form.

To the best of my knowledge this machine has been delivered ready for field use and customer has been fully
informed as to proper care and operation.

(Signature Of Delivery Person/Dealer Name/Date)


The following is a list of items we suggest to check during the first season of use of the equipment.

Check planter performance with retail customer/end user.

Check performance of EdgeVac or mechanical seed metering system with retail customer/end user.

Review importance of proper maintenance and adherence to all safety precautions with retail customer/end user.

Check for parts that may need to be adjusted or replaced.

Check all safety decals, reflective decals, and SMV sign are correctly located as shown in the Parts Manual and that
decals are legible. Replace if damaged or missing.

Check safety/warning lights are working properly.

(Signature Of Follow-Up Person/Dealer Name/Date)

All registrations must be submitted online at


within 5 business days of delivery.

Retain a copy of this form for auditing purposes.

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