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Model 3200




Lubrication and Maintenance


Over tightening hex socket head cap screws may damage shank
threads and require replacement of shank. An excessively worn
seed tube guard may allow blades to wear into row unit shank, also
requiring replacement of shank.

Remove seed tube and two hex socket head cap screws that attach seed tube guard. Hold replacement seed tube
guard centered between seed opener disc blades. Install hex socket head cap screws. DO NOT TIGHTEN. Using a
clamp or vise-grip, squeeze opener blades together in front of seed tube guard. Tighten seed tube guard retaining
screws. Remove clamps. Distance between seed tube guard and opener blades should be equal on both sides.
Reinstall seed tube.


Seed tube guard protects seed tube and acts as inner scraper
for seed opener disc blades.

Remove seed tube and check for wear. Excessive wear on
seed tube indicates a worn seed tube guard. Replace seed
tube guard if it measures ⅝" or less at lower end. A new seed
tube guard measures approximately ⅞".

NOTE: No till planting or planting in hard ground
conditions, especially when planter is not equipped with
no till coulters, and/or excessive blade-to-blade contact
increases seed tube guard wear and requires more
frequent inspection and/or replacement.


NOTE: Torque ⅝" spindle hardware to 120 ft-lb (162.7 N-m)

See “Frame Mounted Coulter” in Row Unit Operation section of
this manual for depth and spring adjustment.

Replace 16" diameter coulter blade (1" fluted, 1" bubbled or ¾"
fluted) when worn to 14½" (maximum allowable wear).

Seed tube guard/inner scraper

(Gauge wheel/seed opener disc blade removed

Frame mounted coulter spindle