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— The Macro side of your

RC9200/5200 displays Macro buttons.
Macro buttons play back a sequence
of up to 255 different commands (and
panel jumps, which can be pro-
grammed to do crude animations or
to give messages during the Macro).
You can always select the Macro side
of the RC9200/5200 by tapping the
menu bar to the left.

Using Menus to Jump to a Panel Group

1 Navigate to either the Macro (left) or the Device (right) side of

the remote by tapping the left or right menu bar.

2 Tap the Menu bar again. A menu will pop into view, enabling you

to choose which group of panels you want. If you have a large
system with more than seven groups, scroll arrows


you to select those that are out of sight.

3 After using the scroll arrows to view all of the choices, simply

tap the label of the group you would like.


When you jump to a Device, the RC9200/5200 will change the

input of your home theater receiver/preamp (using the pull down

menus is exactly the same thing as pressing a Home button).

Getting Started

Tap to select the Macro side of your


Device Groups

Macro Groups

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