Recording macros, Reference, Edit window notation – Marantz RC9200 User Manual

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Recording Macros

Edit Window Notation

Before you begin to program a Macro, study the notation used in
the EDIT Window. Each type of action has its own notation.

TV - When only a device name is
listed, the macro step will be a
Device Action (the action that occurs
when the Device is selected, which
is typically the preamp/receiver’s
source selection or input command).

GO: TV Main - A Go command
indicates a panel jump. In this case,
“TV” means a jump to the TV device
group and Main is the name for the
particular panel (sometimes panels
just have numbers, not names).

TV-External Input - When a device
name and a button name are listed,
that particular button’s IR command
will be issued.




- A device name and the

Stop symbol means that this
particular button’s IR command will
be issued. A symbol list can be
found on page 54.

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