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Use the Scroll arrows to navigate; the tab style navigational

jumps will not work. If you accidentally record a tab button as a

macro step, it will do nothing because you cannot alias to a

button that jumps. Since it will confuse you to see it in the Macro

Edit window, it is best to delete it.

11 Once all steps have been programmed, test your macro by

pressing the right hard button (now labeled Play).

12 Typically you will need to adjust the timing of the macro. Simply

putting in lots of delays will make the macro work, but may
make the macro unnecessarily long.

Try moving commands, so that a TV command alternates with
another component command before another TV command is
issued. To move a command, simply select it and use the up
and down arrows to reposition it within the macro window.

When a delay is added to the macro, the default timing is .5
seconds. If the macro works with a .5 second delay, try a
smaller delay to shorten the macro.

When programming Channel macros, use .1 second delays
between different digits and .5 second delays between identical

13 Once you are happy with the macro, press the left hard button

(now labeled Close). You will be prompted to Save Macro or

14 Continue to program macros until you have recorded all that you

plan. Congratulations! You are now a Home Theater Automator!

Customizing Your RC9200/5200

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