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Frequently Asked Questions


Should you use the REVERT button, the only way to recover

the factory configuration is by using RCEdit and a Windows


Procedure for reverting to the memory saving REVERT file:

1 Navigate to the HOME panel.

2 Touch the Mode button.

The Mode Menu appears.

3 Touch the Setup button.

The first setup panel appears.

4 Scroll to the second setup panel.

5 Tap the Revert button.

6 Tap Revert to confirm the action.


The REVERT button is not active until at least one change is

made to the configuration (a label, a delay in a macro or one

new code has been learned). Should the button be greyed out,

make a change to the configuration and then use revert.

How do I calibrate the touchscreen?
The RC9200/5200 is calibrated when it leaves the factory, so
normally you do not have to calibrate it yourself. It is possible that
the RC9200/5200 displays a message to calibrate the touchscreen.
If this message appears do the following.

You will see the instruction “Touch TOP LEFT corner.”

1 Tap as close as possible the upper left corner using a blunt tip

of a pencil.

You will see the instruction “Touch BOTTOM RIGHT corner.”

2 Tap as close as possible the bottom right corner using a blunt tip

of a pencil.

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