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The macro is ready to be used.

There are two extra commands you can record as any step in a

Recording a Device Action (Source Switching or Input)
To record a Device menu item containing a source switching
command, open the Device menu, hold down the Right button
(labeled Action) and tap the device you want to switch to. This
action places the entire Device Action in the Macro.


If a macro has been recorded as a Device Action, you can

include all of it as a single step in another Macro, effectively

nesting one macro inside another. However, the last step of any

Device Action is a jump to the Device’s Main panel. This step is

not included in the nested macro.

Jumping to a device control panel
To jump to any device panel, first navigate to the device you want
(using the Device menu), then select the exact device panel you
want (using the scroll arrows-not the tab buttons), then open the
Device menu, hold down the Left hard button (labeled Device) and
tap the device you want. After you’ve recorded a jump, check your
Edit window. You’ll see that you recorded both a jump and a device
action. If you do not want the device action, delete it.

Editing macros

You can edit any macro you have recorded.

1 Open the macro group that contains the macro.

2 Switch to Edit mode via the Mode button


3 Tap the macro you want to edit.

The contents of the macro appear.

4 Edit the macro.

You can move or delete listed commands, or you can record
new commands.
You can also add delays to the macro (for example, to insert a
short pause between turning on a device and sending


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