Troubleshooting – Marantz RC9200 User Manual

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Insert delays to allow devices to start up properly (see page 26).


Check if you have included inactive buttons in your macro.


Check if you haven’t reprogrammed the buttons. Macros do not
store commands, they store button locations. If you reteach a
button, the macro will execute the newly learned code, not the
code that you taught to the original button.

The TV goes blank or the input source changes


The Device menu item might be programmed to switch the input
source. Select the device without issuing IR (p9)

The RC9200/5200 won’t edit, label or delete commands


If the label locked appears on the RC9200/5200 icon, the device
control panels have been locked to prevent unwanted changes.
You cannot modify or delete commands for this device.


Make sure your devices are positioned as shown on page 28.
Avoid programming the RC9200/5200 under bright fluorescent
light, it might affect the infrared signals.


Make sure the button you want to edit has a border. Text frames
cannot be programmed with commands.

The RC9200/5200 won’t switch modes


When the batteries are low, the RC9200/5200 prevents you from
switching to customizing modes so that no customization can
get lost. Recharge the battery pack (see page 3).

The RC9200/5200 is low on memory


The RC9200/5200 displays a message to clean up the memory.
The RC9200/5200 will do this by permanently removing devices
and macro and timer groups you have deleted (see page 40).


Cleaning up memory can take 10 minutes or longer. Never

remove batteries during the clean-up process. This might

damage the configuration file resulting in loss of your

customized commands.

The configuration file is corrupted


When this very unlikely event occurs, you have to use the
Revert button on the second setup panel (see page 14). All your
customized commands, devices, and macros will be lost, and
you will have to reprogram your Remote Control. Should you

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