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Customizing Your RC9200/5200

2 Tap the mode button and press the LEARN mode button.

3 Tap the Device Tab and reveal the Device Menu.

4 While bracing the RC9200/5200 with your right hand, press and

hold the Backlight button with a left hand finger.

5 Press and hold the Left hard button with your left hand thumb.

6 While still bracing, pressing and holding everything, use a right

hand finger to select the device from the Device Menu.

7 The EDIT window appears with the name of your Device at the

top of the window.

8 Program your macro following steps 10 through 15 on the

previous page.


In use, you can select a device without issuing the macro by

revealing the Device Menu, then pressing and holding the left

hard key labeled NO IR, then selecting the device. Otherwise,

every time you select the device from home or select it from the

device menu, the macro will be sent.


Macros From Your Home Buttons

It is possible to program a macro to occur when you select a device
(the macro will occur both when you press a home button AND
when you select the device from the pull down Device menu).

To program:

1 Navigate to the Device side of the RC9200/5200.

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