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Page 37: Create new device

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Working with Device and Macro Groups


If you have a device that is not provided in the Device menu, you
can add it to the RC9200/5200.

You cannot add devices to the Home menu directly. You have to
add them via the Device menu.

There are three possible ways to add a device:

Create New Device
Copy Existing Device
Restore Deleted Device

In the following sections we’ll discuss what these options offer you.

Create New Device

Choose this option to add a completely new device. You will be
able to choose from a list of preprogrammed templates with or
without Marantz RC codes.

A drop down scrollable list will appear. As you scroll down the list,
you will notice Device type dividers and devices you can add. Only
select Device Templates to ADD. Although it is possible to ADD the
Device Type Divider as a Device, it is not useful. Should you
accidentally Add a divider to your device list, delete it.

Device Type Divider
This is not a device
template to add; it is
simply an indication of
the type of device.

Device Template
When you add this
for a Marantz
component, you
should add with
RC codes. When
you plan to teach
codes from an
existing remote
control, add
without RC codes.

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