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Programming Hard Buttons Globally
And/Or Locally Per Device

The Hard buttons are defined as the five hard buttons on the right
side of the screen (Mute, Channel Up/Down, Volume Up/Down) and
the nine buttons below the screen (don’t count Home, since you
cannot program it).


It is possible to teach commands to the LEFT and RIGHT

hard buttons. However, only via a PC can you reprogram

the buttons to scroll up and down so do not reprogram these

keys without considering carefully.

Hard buttons can be programmed with a global function for all
devices and/or for a deviced specific (local) command for a
particular device.

When a command is taught to a hard button from a device page, it
will only be issued when that device group is active, even if a
command has been taught globally. Local learning overrides global

When a command is taught to a hard button from a home panel, it
will be issued as long as the active device does not have a local

For example, one could program the CH+ & CH- buttons as the
Chapter +/- command when the DVD is active. Now, if you
program the TV channel +/- globally (and any device other than the
DVD is selected) the TV channel +/- commands will be issued.


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