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User Guide


Getting Started

As you customize your remote, the RC9200/5200 will manage
memory automatically. It will keep deleted groups of panels
restorable as long as possible. When you need additional memory,
it will notify you that it needs to do “Memory Cleanup,” which will
permanently erase everything you have deleted so far. See page

You can choose to manually manage your memory by choosing a
smaller template file to program with. There are two configurations
built-in. The default Marantz file and the memory saving stripped-
down Revert file. The default Marantz file offers these unique

75 pre-programmed templates for home theater components.
All have the option of adding pre-programmed Marantz
remote codes for your convenience. See creating new
devices on page 36.

FAV TV - Macro groups for surfing channels with one touch
via customizable labels. See recording macros on page 43.

ADJUST - a macro group with one touch jumps to all of the
power user features of a Marantz system.

POWER - a group of control panels that will help your family
power up a home theater system. See Deciding on Macros
or Help Lists on page 20-21.

Should you feel that you do not need all of these features or you
know your configuration requires lots of memory (i.e. you are
planning hundreds of animated macros), we provide the Revert
configuration. It provides 13 styles of component templates and one
macro example. Permanently deleting the factory configuration and
using the Revert configuration will add 400kb to your free memory
space. See The Revert Configuration on page 60.

Customizing Your RC9200/5200


Managing Memory

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