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The Mode Menu

User Guide


Getting Started

To help you plan how your RC9200/5200 will operate your home
theater system, you should practice using the three mode menus.

Working with Modes

All customization is done via the three Mode
menus. They differ in their capabilities:
Macro Side - No IR learning is possible, so
there is no LEARN ability.
Home Panels - Since there is only one Home
group, there is no ability to add or move groups.
Device Side - No Macros can be programmed,
so there is no EDIT button.

The mode menus are utilized like this:

1 Select either the Home, Device or Macro divisions of panels by

touching the appropriate tabs or the Home Icon.

2 Touch the Mode icon

at the bottom of the screen.

3 Select the mode you wish to use to customize your

RC9200/5200 by touching the appropriate button on the Mode

When you operate your devices, the RC9200/5200 is in Use mode.
For actions other than operating (like programming buttons,
recording macros, adding devices, and so on) you have to switch to
the appropriate mode:

For operating devices.

For learning commands from other devices.

For recording macros and jumping to other panels.




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