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You program the RC commands (RC
for Remote Control) by transmitting
infrared signals from your existing
remote controls to the RC9200/5200’s
learning eye. To do this, place the
RC9200/5200 and the device’s
remote control on a flat surface, 1 to
100cm (1/2 to 36 inches) apart.
With each new remote control,
you have to find the correct
learning distance.

It is best to be systematic and
teach all of the buttons from one
remote control before proceeding
to the next. Start with the controls
close together; if you receive a
FAIL, move them farther apart in
one inch increments. Although
rare, some component remotes
require a very large distance
between the sending LED and the
RC9200/5200’s learning eye.

Test the first command from any new remote control to find the
correct learning distance. Once you have found the correct
learning distance, do not change it for any other button on that
particular remote control.

Most commands learn correctly when you press and hold them
until the OK indicator appears. However, sometimes the
RC9200/5200 will say OK, yet the command will not operate the
component properly. If this occurs, try re-teaching the command
with a brief tap. After a short delay the OK indicator will appear.
Test the code. If this improves operation, continue to use the
Tap technique for all other buttons on the remote. The only
buttons that you MUST use the press and hold technique for are
buttons that you will press and hold when you are operating the
component (i.e. volume, scan, etc.).



Programming Buttons

1 to 100 cm apart
(1/2 to 36 inches)

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