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8 Repeat instructions 1 to 3 for all devices for which you want to

change the RF IR settings.

9 Tap Close.

The Remote Control switches back to Use mode. The Remote
Control is configured to operate the devices you have set with
RF signals.

10 Try out the devices for which you just changed the RF IR



It is possible that a device does not respond properly when
operated with RF signals. In that case, you have to reconfigure the
Remote Control to operate the device with IR signals again.

Choosing Another Channel

When you notice RF interference or unreliable operation you should
try choosing another channel to operate your devices.


All devices you want to operate with RF signals use the same
channel. If you choose another channel for one device, the Remote
Control will automatically change the channel for all devices that
work with RF signals.

1 Switch back to RF IR mode.

The Device menu appears.

2 Select a device that is set with RF signals.

The RF IR settings appear.

3 Tap Channel. The button label turns red indicating that the

button is active.

4 Press the Left and Right hard buttons to change the Channel.

The Remote Control offers 4 RF Channels.


The Channel (CH) on the RF Extender has to match the Channel
on the Remote Control.

5 Tap Accept.

6 Tap Close.


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