Marantz RC9200 User Manual

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device group (in Use Mode, you cannot see buttons that have
no RC codes).

7 Switch back to DEL mode and delete the group if it is not a

good match to your component. Repeat steps 4 through 6 until
all of your remote controls have a matching device group.

8 Switch to LABEL mode to relabel each device group (see page


9 Switch to MOVE mode to re-order your devices, so that your

home panel is arranged the way you want (see page 39-40).

10 Switch to LABEL mode to personalize the greeting on your

home panel (see page 32-34).

11 Still in LABEL mode, navigate to the DEVICE side of the

RC9200/5200. Relabel any buttons as needed to match your
existing remote controls. Check all of your devices.

12 Switch to LEARN mode and teach the RC9200/5200 all of your

non-Marantz components’ RC Codes (see page 28-32).

13 Switching back and forth between USE and LEARN modes, test

all codes and reteach as necessary.


Should you need to delete a command, use the DEL mode. Be

very careful to NEVER delete the navigational tabs; they can

only be restored with a personal computer (see page 52).

14 Switch back to LEARN mode. Teach each Device group the

appropriate Preamp/Receiver Input (source switching) RC
command (see page 30).

15 Congratulations, you have completed the first stage of

customization! Take a well deserved break.

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Customizing Your RC9200/5200

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