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Page 52: Rc edit touch screen setup program

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If you want to personalize your Remote Control even more, beyond
its standard programming features, RCEdit Touch Screen Setup is
the tool for you to use. RCEdit Touch Screen Setup is the
RC9200/5200’s companion software that you can download from
the following internet address: http://www.marantz.com

With RCEdit Touch Screen Setup you can:

Upload and download new configurations to and from your
Remote Control. You do this with the serial cable included with
your Remote Control connected to the serial port on the side of
the remote.

Add, delete, modify and move control panels, devices and
commands anywhere on the touchscreen.

Save, duplicate and share configuration files, codes or devices
with other Remote Controls.

Preview new configuration files on RC9200/5200 Emulator. In
this way you can check how the RC9200/5200’s interface will
look like.


RC Edit Touch Screen Setup Program

Connect the serial cable to
the socket above the
Contrast Wheel

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