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Warning To use the Remote Control with radio frequency (RF) you need an

RF-77 RF Extender, which is only included with the RC9200. It is
an optional accessory for the RC5200.

By default, the Remote Control uses
infrared (IR) signals to operate devices.
This means that you have to point the
Remote Control’s sending eye towards
the device you’re operating. IR signals
have an operating distance of 10 meters
(33 feet).

You can choose to operate devices using radio frequency (RF)
signals instead of
IR signals. RF signals have
an operating distance of
approximately 20 meters (66
feet) in house and can,
unlike IR signals, go through
obstacles like furniture or

The RF signals sent out by
the Remote Control are picked up by the RF-77 RF Extender. The
RF Extender translates the RF signals in IR signals and sends the
IR signals to the appropriate device. Therefore, the RF Extender
has to be placed near the device you’re operating with the RF
Extender’s sending eye pointed to the device.

Your devices will always receive IR signals either directly from the
Remote Control or from the RF Extender.


6. Using the Remote Control
with Radio Frequency

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