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Programming Help Lists

Customizing Your RC9200/5200

1 Write a list of all of the actions in the operation you want to


2 Gather all of the remote controls you will need for the operation.

3 Navigate to the Device side of the RC9200/5200.

4 Select ADD from the Mode menu. Choose “Create New Device”

when prompted (see page 35-40).
In the “Other” division there is a device group labeled “Help.”
Add the Help device.

5 Switch to LABEL mode. Relabel the new device currently

labeled Help (for details on relabeling devices, see page 32-34).
Use no more than 8 characters (more won’t fit). Try to use a
descriptive title like POWER, RECORD, etc.

6 Stay in LABEL mode. Relabel any of the introductory text on

panel 1. Type in any guidelines your family may need to know
for this operation.

6 Stay in LABEL mode. Relabel as many of the buttons on the

five panels as you need.


Do not relabel the buttons labeled “Press for Next Help Screen”

unless the button is the last step in the operation.

7 Switch to LEARN mode. Teach each button the appropriate


8 Switch to MOVE mode. Move the new device to the appropriate

position in the device list (remember, this determines the button
position on the Home panel).

9 Return to USE mode and test out your new list. Congratulations!

10 You can make as many Help lists as you like. Simply repeat

steps 1 through 9 for each operation you would like to program
a help list.

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