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Page 41: Adding macro groups, Moving groups and re-ordering the home buttons

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Copy Existing Device

Choose this option to copy a device that is already active (you are
already using it).


It is often useful to have two almost identical device groups for

your Television. The only difference between the two is one

would have the Vol+ and Vol- Direct Access buttons

programmed locally with the televisions internal volume + and -

commands. Label this device TV Only (for use late at night

without Surround Sound). The other TV device has no

programming in its Direct Access buttons; as a result, the

surround receiver’s Vol+ and Vol- (programmed globally on the

Home panel) is issued when the TV device is selected.

Restore Deleted Device

Use this option to restore a device you have deleted.

Adding Macro Groups

Macro Groups can be added three ways,
with the same procedures as described
for Device Groups on page 38.

Create New Group
Copy Existing Group
Restore Deleted Group

However, should you choose “Create
New Group,” there is not a long list of
macro templates. Instead, only one
group template is available. It consists
of five identical panels as shown.

Moving Groups and Re-Ordering The Home Buttons

You can change the order of Device menu items and Macro menu
items. Changes you make in the Device menu are automatically
updated in the Home menu.

1 Make sure the device tab is active.

Make sure the macro tab is active.


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