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Three Divisions of Control Panel Types

Your RC9200/5200 is capable of displaying hundreds of different
control screens. By grouping them into sensible divisions, it is easy
to navigate to the control panel you want. The three main divisions


— The Home group disp-

lays convenient instant jump buttons
to the main control panels of your
system devices (your VCR, TV, CD
player etc.). These buttons
also select the Input of your Home
Theater Receiver or Preamp (Home
buttons are linked to the Device
pull down menu, which also selects
inputs on your receiver).

Access Home by tapping
the Home button at the
bottom left of the remote.


— The Device side

displays the control panels of your
components, one device group at a
. A button on a Device panel
will act just like the buttons on the
original remote control. You can
always select the Device
side of the RC9200/5200 by tapping
the menu bar to the right of the
remote icon.

Getting Started


Navigating Control Panels

Tap to select the Device side

of your RC9200/5200 .

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