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Page 8: Using the backlight, Modes

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User Guide


Turning on the Display

Tap the screen gently with your finger or a blunt, soft object like

a pencil eraser.
The display is activated and you see the Home panel.


· If the display stays blank or becomes black, adjust

the contrast dial on the left side.

· If another panel is displayed, tap the Home button .

· The RC9200/5200 shuts down automatically after being left

alone for a few seconds (you can adjust the time out period in

the Setup panels).

Using the Backlight

Press the backlight button on the left side.
The backlight shuts off after a few seconds to save power.


In the settings (see page 13) you can choose to activate the

backlight automatically when you turn the RC9200/5200 on.


The RC9200/5200 has different “modes.” When you activate the
RC9200/5200 for the first time, it starts up in Use mode allowing
you to immediately operate your devices.In Use mode the menu
bar at the bottom of the screen displays the

symbol for the

Mode Menu. Tap the

symbol. A menu will pop up with USE as

an option. If the menu bar shows another symbol, like

, tap it

to reveal the Mode menu and tap USE to return to normal
operating mode.

Note If you do not see the mode menu

symbol; it has been

deactivated via the Setup panel. Press and hold the center of

the bottom menu bar to overide the Mode menu deactivation.

Getting Started


Activating the RC9200/5200

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