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All of the devices shown are Marantz model #’s with the exception
of the first division, called “Other.” Below the “Other” division are
three device templates that are meant for other purposes.

DSS - Since Marantz does not make a DSS receiver (yet!), we
included a template. Simply teach the RC9200/5200 from your
original remote.

Status - This template is used to provide status screens you can
jump to during a macro. Five panels are created with the device
name “Status.” If you add additional Status devices, they will be
named Status2, Status3, Status4 and so on. Each panel is named
according to its numbered position (1/5, etc.), so that if you are
editing a macro, you will know which panel you have jumped to.

Help - This template is used to create a Help List that will help
users through a multiple step process that cannot be reliably
programmed as a macro. See page 20-22 for more information
about help lists.


Status panels help

your family hold the

remote steady during

long complex macros.

Help List panels are a

good way to help

casual users through

a long operation with

lots of steps.

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