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Check Battery Life - The Info Panels

Access INFO panel display by navigating to the Home panel
(tap the Home button), then tapping the INFO button at the top
of the screen.

The Percentage of battery life.

The Percentage of free memory available for new programming.

There are two configurations built in to your RC9200/5200. If
your info screen says:


You are using the factory default file.


You are using the memory saving, stripped-
down file. See pages 17 and 57.

To exit INFO panel display, Tap the INFO button again.

Most of the RC9200/5200’s features can be set to your own wishes.

1 Make sure you are on the HOME panel. Once you are on the

HOME panel, tap the Mode

button at the bottom of the


2 Choose SETUP.

The first setup panel appears. You can display the second and
third setup panel by using the scroll buttons.

3 Tap the button of the setting you want to adjust.

The button becomes black.

4 Use the Left and Right buttons to adjust the setting.

Getting Started


The Setup Panels

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