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Customizing Your RC9200/5200



It is best to proceed with customizing in several stages. The first
stage is to teach all of your existing remote codes to the
RC9200/5200. The second stage is to practice using your home
theater system with the RC9200/5200. As you gain familiarity
with your system, you’ll notice that many operations in a home
theater require several steps. In the third stage of
customization, you will record multiple step operations as either
a “Macro” that you can play back with one button push or as a
list of numbered steps recorded in a “Help List” device group.

In the next few pages you’ll find step by step guidelines on each
of the three stages. When a more detailed explanation can be
found in the Reference section, we’ve noted the page.

1 Gather all of your remote controls in front of you.

2 Play with all of the example device groups. Compare the device

groups with your existing remote controls. Can you use any as
templates for non-Marantz components?

3 Use DEL mode to delete all of the device groups that you don’t

like (see page 40).

4 Use ADD mode to add the device groups for each Marantz

component (see page 35-40).
When you are prompted to add with or without RC codes,

5 Use ADD mode to add a device group for each non-Marantz

component (see page 38).

6 Switch to LEARN Mode to evaluate the panel layouts of the new


Cloning All Your Existing Remotes

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