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Recording A Macro Step By Step

To record a macro, there must be at least one macro group in the
Macro menu. To create these groups, see page 35-40. Read the
instructions for Adding Device Groups (see page 35-36), then note
the differences when Adding Macro Groups (see page 39).

1 Navigate to the Macro side by tapping the Macro icon.

2 Open the macro menu and select a macro group.

3 Switch to Edit mode via the Mode button


Empty macro buttons appear in the macro control panel.

4 Tap the button you want to use for your macro.

5 Enter the sequence of commands you want to record.

You can navigate to whatever control panel you want, just as
you do in Use mode.

6 Tap the Macro menu button.

The contents of the macro appear. You can now play, edit or
close the macro.

7 Press the Left button to close the macro.

A confirmation screen appears where you can save or cancel
the macro.

8 Tap Save and assign a label to the macro.

Delay - A delay counts as one of the
255 macro steps. Delays can be
adjusted in 1/10th of a second
intervals to be any value between .1
second and 99.9 seconds.

Adjusting Delays - When a delay is
“Selected,” you can adjust the delay
with the plus and minus buttons.


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