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Page 14: Using the hard buttons

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You operate devices using two kinds of buttons:

Touchscreen buttons

Hard buttons - nine buttons below the screen (Home is not
programmable and doesn’t count) and five to the right of the
screen (Vol, Channel and Mute).

Using Touchscreen Buttons

Sending commands
Infrared commands are invisible. However, when you send a
command, an animated icon appears at the top of the panel to
show that a command is being sent.

The name of the device you are controlling is always displayed on
the device menu tab.

Using the Hard Buttons

Hard buttons can be operated at any time, even without turning on
the touchscreen. These buttons can be programmed to always do
the same thing regardless of the panel displayed (teach commands
on Home Panel) or they can change their function depending on
which device is active (teach commands only to the specific
device). For example:

Since Volume Up, Volume Down and Mute are typically
receiver/preamp commands in most home theaters, these direct
access buttons have been pre-programmed to always operate a
Marantz receiver/preamp. Should you own another brand, see the
programming instructions on page 31-32. Menu, 4 Way Arrows,
Channel Up and Channel Down are typically programmed to
change with the device selected. So when you are operating your
DVD player, you use them to navigate DVD menus and change
chapters, while when you are watching TV, the Menu buttons
operate the TV menus and the Channel buttons change channels.

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