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Programming The HOME Buttons to Switch Sources


When you teach a command as a Device Action, this command

is automatically assigned to the corresponding button in the

Home menu AND to the act of selecting the Device from the pull

down Device Menu. Typically, you teach the preamp/receiver

source selection or “input” command to the device action.

Remember, the only way to NOT issue this command is to

reveal the device menu, press and hold the LEFT hard key (now

labeled NO IR) and select the device.

1 Make sure the device tab is active.

The device tab is active when the name of a device is displayed.

2 Switch to Learn mode via the Mode button


3 Point the device’s original remote control to the RC9200/5200’s

learning eye as described above.

4 Tap the device tab to open the Device menu.

5 Touch and hold either the RC9200/5200’s Left or Right button

(now labeled Device) and tap the device you want to program.
Even when you want to program the currently active device, you
have to tap it in the Device menu.
The label “device” starts flashing on the RC9200/5200 icon.

6 Press and hold the button the RC9200/5200 has to learn on

your device’s original remote control.
If the RC9200/5200 has learned the command successfully, OK
flashes on the display. You can let go of the button you’re
If the RC9200/5200 has not learned the command successfully,
you hear a short buzz and FAIL appears on the RC9200/5200

7 Program all other items you want and return to Use mode via

the Mode button.


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