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Warning Do Not Delete the Left and Right hard Buttons! Remember, your

RC9200/5200 is programmed at the factory with the Browse

feature. If you accidentally reprogram the Left/Right hard buttons

from the home panel, you cannot restore them with the remote

control. The only way to restore deleted back and ahead global

buttons is to use a Windows PC with RCEdit.

Reteaching Control panel buttons

1 Switch to LEARN mode via the Mode button


The deleted buttons become visible.

2 Complete steps 3 to 7 in “Programming control panel buttons”

on page 16.
The button reappears.

Restoring Device or Macro menu items

1 Make sure the device tab or macro tab is active.

The device or macro tab is active when the name of a device or
macro is displayed.

2 Switch to Add mode via the Mode button


3 Tap Restore Deleted Device or Restore Deleted Group.

The deleted menu items become visible.

4 Tap the item you want to restore.

The item is restored and you return to Use mode.

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