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The RC9200/5200 is designed to control most devices that understand
infrared remote control signals. Its easy-to-use touchscreen and its
intuitive interface make it a perfect remote control for every user. The
RC9200/5200 is completely customizable and programmable. You can
add devices and functions, relabel buttons, record macros and animate
your macros. Although the RC9200/5200 is pre-programmed for Marantz
components, a vast collection of built-in tab guided panels with pre-
arranged button art enables you to easily choose the perfect interface for
any non-Marantz component. The RC9200/5200 easily “learns”
commands from the vast majority of manufacturers’ remote controls.



The Marantz RC9200/5200

The Volume, Channel

and Mute buttons are

typically programmed to

always work the same

way regardless of what

panel is displayed.

The Infrared Eye

transmits to your

devices and learns

from your existing


The Touchscreen

The INFO button
enables you to check
battery life.

Back and Ahead buttons

enable you to quickly

navigate the last six

screens you’ve viewed.

\Menu, Enter, Exit and 4

way navigator buttons will

change their function

depending on what device

you are controlling.

The Contrast Dial

adjusts the

appearance of the


The Backlight

button lights up the

screen (you can

adjust the length of

time it stays on,

see page 13).

The Serial Port

enables you to

program the

RC9200/5200 on a

Windows PC.

The Home B utton

always takes you

back to the Main

Home Panel Control

Screen (think of it

as the Start button).

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